Exclusive Bundles for New Update on WeGamers Are Now Live!

For this update we and our partner WeGamers have also prepared exclusive gift packs for the Avzar Warriors!

May 08 ,2018

NEWS May 08, 2018

Exclusive Bundles for New Update on WeGamers Are Now Live!


Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter has been released for over half a year. It has been a great journey and it could not have been done without you. So, to celebrate this moment, we are planning to send limited gifts away. All of you will have the opportunity to win the treasures that will help you to win the battles in the Runic Fortress. The activity will be held exclusively on WeGamers, a great partner we have been working with for a long time, where you can also call your friends to collect in-game freebies.



Read the introduction below and follow the steps, then you shall receive your own reward!


1. Number of the bundles: 2000


2. Bundle Introduction: 
Equipment Fortify Stone*50, 
Equipment Fortify Gem*20, 
Hatch Holy Water*2, 
Hunting Palace Ticket*1


3. How to claim the Bundle on WeGamers:
a. Open WeGamers and log in (If you don’t have the app, please download WeGamers from here )
b. Go to Discover->Bundle tab and redeem Taichi Panda 3’s exclusive bundle on WeGamers 
(Note: Each user can only redeem one Taichi Panda 3’s bundle)
c. Please copy the Activation Code after you redeem the bundle successfully.  
(Note: To stay tuned for new bundles in the future, you can follow Taichi Panda 3 on WeGamers by adding it to My Games section.)