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For this update we and our partner WeGamers have also prepared exclusive gift packs for the Avzar Warriors!

May 08 ,2018

NEWS April 26, 2018

The new version of Taichi panda 3, Runic Fortress, in NOW LIVE!

Get Ready for some airborne hunting, new challenging instance, and world exploration! This time in Avzar, the Battle of Fortress begins! Come join the battle of balance,  gather your minions, fight for your faction!


For the Glory
The new mode, Runic Fortress, will be available between 10:00 and 22:00 every day! To win a Runic Fortress, players will need to own the victory of several battles by gaining control of the rune. And of course, new items will be given to the bravest finalists.



For the Faction 
From 20:00 to 21:00 every Saturday, the Boss Defender will be open for players to test their brain and brawn. In which, Players will be assigned to 2 roles, attacker and defender, base on the fractions they in.  Within this event, the defender needs to keep the attacker at bay as long as possible. The battle will end only when the Boss of the defender is defeated and the winner faction will gain a buff for the next week.


For the Prize
Is the prize not good enough? Join the team of Vessel Guardian.  Various of super BOSS will be refreshed in every corner of the world, find them, kill them, and prepare to be rewarded heavily.



For the Adventure
The level limits have been break again in the new version of Taichi panda 3 Dragon hunter!  Now players can level up their characters to Lv. 160 and learn new Guild Tech. The fortify level 30 and forge level 8 have been unlocked as well.