Exclusive Bundles for New Update on WeGamers Are Now Live!

For this update we and our partner WeGamers have also prepared exclusive gift packs for the Avzar Warriors!

May 08 ,2018

NEWS March 12, 2018

Evolution Age Update and Exclusive Bundles on WeGamers Are Now Live!

The new storm swept over, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter has fully into the Evolution Age! The new "mounts hatching" DNA evolution system will create the complete pet ecosystem, the attributes-inheritance of the "Baby Mounts" will have more unknown attributes and capabilities. The new magical place - Court of Trials provide all the warriors a chance to verify the pets lineup and enhance the forces with the unique team. Addition, a new character, and pets level cap encourage the warriors to continue to embark on the new Glory journey!



New Features:
1. New function: hatch-able mounts
2. New function: pet synthesis and pet character
3. New Gameplay: Court of Trials
4. Master Mode for epic instance available
5. The max character level up to 150
6. The max pet level up to 150
7. New collection attributes for outfits
8. Inset function for Wings available
9. Class and battlefield balance adjusted


And for this update we and our partner Wegamers have also prepared exclusive gift packs for the Avzar Warriors; We hope players can continue on the journey with the Materials!


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Stay tuned for Taichi panda3 and don’t forget there is more to come with the following updates! See you in Avzar!