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May 08 ,2018

NEWS February 02, 2018

The Last Stand Update Is Now Live!


Are you ready for the most intense battle in the history of Avzar? The brand new 3V3 league battle will give players chances to prove themselves as strongest and fearsome warriors. Come and become a stylish warrior with New pet pumpkin sorceress, spirit guard, and new steampunk outfit. Crush your enemies by breaking through your level limit, upgrading your refinement attribute, Conquering the wild king: mammoth. Will you be the last man standing in the crazy land of Avzar?


What’s new in the Battle: last stand update

  1. New Mode Added: 3V3 PVP League
  2. New Epic Instance Added: Protector’s spirit
  3. New Level Limit Added: Level 145
  4. New Function Added: The Attribute of Refinement now can be transferred between Badges in the same slot.
  5. New Item Added: Make-up Box (can be used to change your appearance)
  6. New Mounts Added: Mammoth, Ling Ling, Dark Dragon
  7. New Pets Added: Pumpin Sorceress (6-Star Pets), Spirit Guard (6-Star Pets)
  8. New Outfit Added: Steampunk
  9. New Mount Skins Added
  10. New TraitsAdded: Feature and Personality. (Every mount will have 2-5 random traits or passives by chance.)


Stay tuned for Taichi panda3 and don’t forget there is more to come with the following updates! See you in Avzar!