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May 08 ,2018

NEWS December 20, 2017

The Night Blades Update Is Now Live!

Night falls at Avzar while Assassins join the two factions, who rise from the darkness and yet serve the light. Hold your blade and open a path to the dawn! Class Swap and Cross-Faction Team Up is now available as more freedom goes into the hunting life! It`s time to try out the Epic Storm Fort, a Level 140 Inherit Trial with plenty Special Events, swing your sword to the fierce Boss, cast your spell to mad monsters. Fight your way to the glory with your best friends. Start your new adventure with Taichi Panda 3 right now!



Born from darkness, formless as shadow.


Everything has shadows, thus shadows become anything, the assassins are the first class in Avzar that have the option of gender. Assassins conquer this world in a different manner by using their skills of darkness and blade of night, fast and accurate is the keyword of their combat. Are you ready to give your enemy a quick death?



Big world, bigger fun.


Time to have a real adventure, heroes! In the brand new ‘strange event’ mission you need to collect different shards of rumors(strange event shards) by completing certain games. Once you have collected all the shards, a map would appear, which tells you the coordinates for the treasure! Are you a real treasure hunt? Let’s find out in the vast land of Avzar!



Legendary fort, Epic challenge.


Ready for some cyberpunk? In the brand new instance ‘Storm fort’, an ancient fortress that covered with mysterious runes,  you will be challenged with the biggest instance map of TCP3 and multiple bosses fights. Be prepared for the conspiracy of ‘Storm fort’ mechanic, save the Avar once again with your strength and wisdom!



Mount for glory, Mount for victory.


In the land of Avzar, mounts always play important roles in battle. In this update, 2 powerful mounts and brand new mounts armor have been added to Avzar heroes’ arsenal.  



Stay tuned for Taichi panda3 and don’t forget there is more to come with the following updates! See you in Avzar!